Patient Services

Oak Valley is dedicated to providing professional and effective patient care

At Oak Valley Hospital, we know that location is not the only factor that determines your medical care choices. We know you want quality outcomes, access to world class certified physicians, and the latest advancements in treatment and technology. We understand your needs and expectations of healthcare change frequently, and whether you need routine lab work, emergency treatment, surgery, or rehabilitation therapy, Oak Valley Hospital is here to help you stay healthy.

Oak Valley Hospital is uniquely positioned to offer you a full spectrum of services that are both reliable and accessible. We take pride in our quality of care, and Oak Valley Hospital consistently strives to provide a full range of patient services across multiple disciplines:


  • The Oak Valley Emergency Department offers quick and reliable urgent care for a wide range of medical crises, and our Ambulance staff has the tools and training to respond rapidly and effectively to the needs of the Oakdale community.

  • The Oak Valley Medical Laboratory provides broad vaccination, immunization, and blood work to all our patients and the community at large. In addition, our integrated lab offers diagnosis assistance to resident physicians, ensuring quick and accurate responses to your medical needs.

  • The Oak Valley Long Term Care center offers comfortable and dignified palliative care that meets a wide range of needs, from enhanced mobility and custodial care to dental checkups and an on-site pharmacy.

  • The Oak Valley Occupational Health center works closely with community businesses to ensure the health, safety, and wellness of Oakdale workers. 

  • Oak Valley Hospital also offers state of the art technology and convenience in our operating theater and imaging department, consistently providing effective diagnosis and targeted surgical procedures that ensure the best possible outcomes.

Whatever you medical needs, Oak Valley Hospital is here to help you stay healthy.