Women's Health Center

Quick, confidential, reliable care for women of all ages

The Oak Valley Hospital Women’s Health Center offers comprehensive services, treatment, and therapy for the entire spectrum of women’s health issues, from birth and maternity to contraception and disease mitigation.

Our board certified physicians and expert nursing staff are standing by to answer your questions and assist you with your health issues, and we take great pride in providing dignified, proactive care for a full range of needs, including:

  • Pre-natal care

  • Comprehensive Perinatal Services Programs

  • Birth and birth counseling

  • Maternity care

  • Educational workshops on motherhood

  • Contraception and birth control

  • STD testing

  • STD mitigation and treatment

You can rest assured that your women’s health issues will remain completely and absolutely confidential, and your details will not be shared with any outside agencies without your approval.

Whether you need help with your first baby or you need effective birth control that works for you, the Oak Valley Hospital Women’s Health Center is here for you.

Oak Valley Hospital will NO LONGER DELIVER BABIES effective July 2, 2013.

NO OFRECERÁ LOS SEVICIOS DE PARTO Efectivo el 2nd de Julio de 2013.

The Health Center, located at 1420 West H Street, Oakdale, CA will remain open and will continue to provide women’s health and prenatal services.