Oak Valley Hospital Imaging Services

Offering both doctors and patients hi tech convenience and superior diagnostic capability

The new Oak Valley Hospital imaging center provides both doctors and patients with modern, high tech equipment designed to provide superior diagnosis and image-sharing capabilities that ensure excellent service and maximum efficiency.

Building on the same electronic image delivery structure used by hospitals in major cities, the Oak Valley imaging center produces detailed electronic images that can be transferred digitally, eliminating the need to physically transport clinical imagery from one center to another.

With the click of a button, patient data can be sent or received from the digital imaging centers of other health care centers, eliminating the need for high priced couriers tasked with transporting images from one center, not only improving return times on image processing but reducing logistical costs as well.

To fully utilize our technology upgrades, the Oak Valley imaging center offers

  • Two independent digital radiology rooms

  • A digital mammography suite

  • Around the clock ultrasound support

  • Complete echocardiography and cardiovascular imaging

  • Comprehensive MRI and CT scanning capability

  • Top tier hardware and computer infrastructure

  • Real-time image transfer throughout the Oak Valley campus

  • Accelerated communication with practitioners in other facilities

These new technological investments represent a tremendous leap forward in imaging capabilities across a wide range of disciplines, giving Oak Valley Hospital one of the most advanced imaging centers in the California Central Valley, on par with Modesto, Sacramento, and Bay Area medical centers.