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About Oak Valley Hospital

Our Mission

We focus on personalized
quality health care and
wellness for those we serve

Nurse comforting patient

Our Values


Being responsible for actions
Taken and not taken




valuing all people at all times

Our Vision

Oak Valley Hospital District will continue as an independent locally controlled and governed special district hospital. To accomplish this we will adhere to the following guidelines: being fiscally responsible in our decision making process maintain and expand services that best reflect our needs and resources available promote positive change in the health status of employees and area residents.

A tradition of caring; a history of excellence

Oak Valley Hospital is a full service, non-profit public hospital created to provide residents of Oakdale and the surrounding rural communities with access to superior quality medical information, treatment and care. Our unwavering dedication to providing premium medical service in the greater Oakdale area drives every decision we make. Our ongoing commitment is to the health and well-being of the Oakdale population.

The history of Oak Valley Hospital can be traced back to 1945 when the California legislature authorized voter approval to form special tax districts that allowed the commissioning and operation of public non-profit hospitals.

Then in 1968, voters in eastern Stanislaus County formed the Oak Valley Hospital District to serve residents of Oakdale, Knights Ferry, Valley Home, Waterford, Riverbank and the surrounding areas.

Since then, and for the past 40 years, Oak Valley Hospital has evolved to meet the changing medical needs of the local community. Once viewed solely as an inpatient treatment facility, Oak Valley now offers a broad network of full service medical departments:

But no matter how much the Oak Valley campus might grow, we remain true to our mission: safeguarding the health and well-being of the Oakdale community. We recognize that we serve a diverse population with a wide range of needs, and we happily exceed the expectations of our patients on a daily basis.

With 500 employees—Oak Valley is also an important contributor to the local economy. By collaborating with local medical practices and physicians, Oak Valley is recognized as a healthcare advocate for all residents of the surrounding communities.