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California is experiencing an unprecedented and exponential surge in COVID-19 cases, and staffing and other resources are becoming strained. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has outlined resources and expectations for all health facilities so that together California’s health care delivery system achieves the following four goals:

  1. All facilities are able to remain in conventional or contingent care as long as possible.
  2. All facilities have prepared plans for crisis care if needed and as a last resort.
  3. All facilities work with other facilities, healthcare networks, local healthcare coalition, local public health, and their local Medical Health Operational Area Coordinators (MHOACs), in the area, county, region and state, to provide support needed so all California facilities can remain in contingent care as long as possible, to ensure that healthcare is delivered based on ethical principles including equity.
  4. The public has clear and transparent information about the crisis care continuum and facilities’ approach to crisis care during this surge.

CDPH expects that all facilities have crisis care continuum guidelines and if experiencing surge (as majority of facilities currently are), are implementing those guidelines. Facilities are expected to have plans that best fit their facility and regional needs and processes, while following ethical principles, health equity goals, and civil rights laws.

Here at Oak Valley Hospital District we have opted to follow the State’s California Crisis Care Continuum Guidelines as drafted in June, 2020.  Those guidelines can be found at the following link: